Basics about ice hockey betting in the USA (Part 1)

Ice – Hockey is a sport that attracts the attention of North American and European people. Currently, this subject has been opened by many online bookmakers for customers to place bets. However, in order to win Ice-Hockey matches, in addition to analyzing the play of the two teams, you also need to choose a reputable address to bet.

Below is basics about ice hockey betting in the USA. Let’s check out

  1. What is Ice-hockey betting?

Ice-Hockey betting means betting on the odds of winning or losing ice hockey in a house provided by the dealer.

Rules of the game each Ice-Hockey team consists of 6 people, including a goalkeeper and 5 players compete officially. Each Ice-Hockey match will last for 3 rounds, each with a time period of 20 minutes. After this time, the team that has scored more goals will win the team.

In case the two teams are tied, the referee will decide to have the two teams play an extra period in 5 minutes to defeat. After 5 minutes of extra time and no goal has been scored, the two teams will determine the result by Shootout (can be understood as a penalty in football).

  1. Common Ice – Hockey odds

As mentioned above, Ice-Hockey is a sport that has been around for a long time. Each match usually takes place very thrilling and attracts a large audience. Therefore, the proportion of players participating in betting Ice-Hockey is also increasing day by day. Currently, the house offers a lot of Ice – Hockey betting odds for players to choose.

Game Lines

This is all-match bets, this bet will be calculated based on the final result of the match, including extra time and Shootout (if any). In this type of bet, players can again place a total bet (total game score), Line (accept a goal of a match), or Money Line (to win a whole game).