Basics about ice-Hockey betting in the USA (Part 2)

Alternative Puck Line 2-way: this is an extended 2-door handicap, in which the player can bet on the handicap in case the two teams play uneven. For example, if a player bet on Team A to accept -2.5 points, then the final result of Team A must win by 3 points in order for the player to win the bet.

Team To Score First: Bet on the team to score the first goal. In the event that neither team scores a goal, the “No 1st Goal” door wins.

Team To Score Last: bet for the team to score the last goal. In case no team scores, “Neither” will win.

3. Where to bet Ice – Hockey where prestige?

Currently, in order to serve the increasing demand for Ice-Hockey betting in the world, many bookmakers are opening and providing this service. However, players should choose reputable bookmakers to bet, to ensure transparency in betting and fairness at checkout.

To place a safe bet, you can go directly to the website address and a variety of Ice-Hockey betting options. Here, the odds will be continuously updated so that players can change the odds depending on the course of the match.

In addition, with accounts opened at W88, FB88, Fun88… players can also bet and watch live matches on the web. This is also an advantage to help players keep track of the latest happenings of the match as well as change the betting options to get the highest profit.

If this is your first time taking part in Ice-Hockey betting, it is recommended that you start with small bets. After experiencing, understanding the rules of the game and familiarizing yourself with this subject, you can gradually increase the bets with bigger amount. I wish you a good experience with Ice-Hockey betting!