Sports betting is an activity where one predicts the outcome of a sports event such as football, basketball, racing among other sports disciplines. Sports betting has been here for centuries because as long as people take part in sporting activities others are betting on them.

There are a number of reasons why people bet on sports, with the main reason being that it is fun and you can also make money out of betting. Most of the sports bettors may be referred to as recreational bettors in that they just want to test their knowledge of sports. Though not all of these people make money out of sports betting, there is a percentage of them who are professional bettors and make a living out of sports betting with others making some cash as a side hustle.

Forms of Sports Betting

  • Online of Sports Betting

Sports betting has evolved over time and with the internet to thank it’s now easier to bet on sports than it was before. With the advancement in technology, bookmakers have come up with more customer-friendly solutions that offer their clients more convenient and time-saving betting platforms.

Online sports betting requires one to create an online account on a bookmarker’s site or mobile application where the gambler is able to access a list of all available betting, placing their bets and, in case of a win, money is credited in their account from where they are able to withdraw via their preferred wallets.

  • Offline Sports Betting

This is when a gambler or bettor is required to visit a physical store from where they are able to place their bets at the cashier’s desk and get printed tickets. In case a ticket wins the bettor is required to present the physical receipt or serial number to claim a prize. This kind of betting is mostly common in horse racing or boxing matches.