Soccer, or football as it is known as by many people, is a team sport which is played by two teams of eleven people and officiated by a centre referee, who is assisted by three or more match officials in an ordinary game setting. However, with the introduction of goal-line technology and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), the number of officials may be slightly higher. Soccer in America is one of the top sports that people participate in through spectatorship and other forms of engagement, such as betting. The following are some of the markets available on various bookmakers sites or at physical sports betting outlets.

Soccer Betting Markets

  • Win-Draw-Win

The home-draw-home market, also known as the 1X2 market is where the bettor predicts the winner at the end of a football match or if the game will end as a draw. The odds will depend on the strengths of the teams, with the favourite team having smaller odds as compared to the weaker opponent. The double chance market also falls under this category and its denoted as 1X,12 or X2 where the gambler has an option of predicting two possible outcomes. When one chooses the 1X market, it means that if the home team wins, or the game ends as a draw, the bet is won while the X2 market is the opposite, and one wins if the match ends as a draw or the away team wins.

  • Goal Market

This is when the gambler predicts the number of goals to be scored during a football match. Some of the goal markets include the goal no goal market, where the bettor predicts if both teams will score, the exact number of goals in a match or the over/under market, where one predicts if the number of goals will be more or less of a given number, such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and so forth.