Sporting activities are part of any community around the world. In the United States, they are part of the American culture and are viewed as tools for transmitting various norms and values such as teamwork, justice, leadership and, most importantly, bringing people of different races together through social integration.

The US states have a diverse taste of sports because you will find one sports discipline being popular in one state and not in others. This may be attributed to the fact that different cultures and natural conditions favor different sports disciplines. The following is a list of some of the most popular sports in the United States.

Popular Sports

  • American Football

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular sports league in America. With teams from both the US and Canada battling it out for top honors each year, this sport attracts viewership form this region and the world at large. The Super Bowl is the most anticipated match of the season that pits the two most successful conference teams to determine the season’s winner. The Super Bowl half-time performance, according to pundits, is anticipated more than the National Basketball Association final.

  • Baseball

If you base your arguments on history and culture it may be concluded that baseball is the most common pastime activity among many people living in America. Baseball in America is run by a professional organization known as the Major League Baseball and has teams from both Canada and the United States.

  • Basketball

Both the professional and college basketball leagues have a massive following in the US with stars from the college league being drafted in the NBA team of the year. The likes of Michael Jordan and, more recently, LeBron James have helped maintain basketball in the United States as one of the top sports.