Coach Jurgen Klopp confidently declares Liverpool to have won the Premier League

After the 2-1 victory at Wolverhampton away from home in the late game of the 24th round, the Liverpool club continued to set a record of unbeaten circuit from the beginning of the season to 23 games (22 wins, 1 draw), as well as re-establishing the way more distinct than the second team is Man City to 16 points.

Liverpool’s goals were scored by Henderson in the 8th minute and Firmino in the 84th minute, while Wolverhampton’s equalizer by Jimenez scored in the 51st minute.

As with all consecutive wins (14 matches) since the last draw against Manchester United 1-1 on October 20 last year, Liverpool still dominates the match with every parameter more than the opponent despite being as hard as it is.

With 67 points earned in the maximum 69 points after 23 matches, Liverpool also has 5 more points than any opponent in the history of English football ever to lead the rankings at a similar stage.

Không đối thủ nào có thể cản nổi Liverpool thẳng tiến đến ngôi vô địch Ngoại hạng Anh /// AFP

Currently, Liverpool still has 1 match in hand (against West Ham on January 29), if the victory is deemed to continue to set a new record for the score won after 24 matches from the beginning of the season.

With this gap, Coach Klopp is no longer cautious when declaring: “Liverpool is still at the top of the table with an almost absolute position, and towards the championship.

Of course, the theory is not over yet. But I can’t believe Liverpool can lose up to 6 games at the remaining stage. Of course, in football everything is uncertain, but if it did, I could not have imagined it, even nauseous because of that”.

Meanwhile, BBC Sport’s veteran commentator Phil McNulty said: “From now on, Liverpool can think of the day to parade to celebrate the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years. Wolverhampton may create a bit of drama for the match, but Liverpool’s overwhelming power and belief are too superior at this time.

HLV Jurgen Klopp tự tin tuyên bố Liverpool đã vô địch Ngoại hạng Anh - ảnh 1

The goal lost in the 2-1 win over Wolverhampton this morning, is only Liverpool’s first goal in the last 7 consecutive games to win and keep the net clean.

Despite this, Klopp added: “Despite the great faith, Liverpool players are only human. They can absolutely fail, so we have to be alert and need to improve the weaknesses that are exposed when there are changes in the personnel”.

Wolverhampton coach Nuno Espirito Santo admitted: “We have shown our best to the best of our ability. Although the victory belongs to Liverpool, I’m not disappointed, Wolverhampton still plays as it is now very excellent already”.

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