Details of the NBA season 2019/20 restart plan with 22 teams

After a long wait, the good news came to the fans. Mr. Adam Silver today presented his plan to restart the NBA with 22 teams.

While the world is in a state of uncertainty because of COVID-19, coupled with endless protests in the US to fight racism, many worry that basketball will be hard to come back to. However, when the NBA officially created a detailed competition plan to restart the season, the orange ball fans were able to feel secure.

With the competition focused at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, the plan to restart the NBA with 22 teams has some notable points as follows.

There will be 22 names will be brought to Orlando for focused competition including 16 teams currently in the Playoffs group (top-8 in each region) and 6 other teams: New Orleans Pelicans, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns and Washington Wizards.

There, each team will play 8 Regular Season matches. This is the “warm-up” time for the teams as well as ensuring enough benefits for the broadcasters.

Details of the rankings and the gap with the 8th team

After the Regular Season closes, a small play-in tournament will be held to determine the final Playoffs in each region (8th place).

However, this tournament will only be held if the 9th team has a less than 4 match gap from the 8th team after the regular season. Meanwhile, the 9th team needs to win 2 matches in a row before the 8th team to win the final Playoffs. After that, the Playoffs will take place in the traditional East – West format.

NBA promises to bring many top level competitions

This plan has been submitted to the NBA board. Now, they will vote to see if this will officially become a plan to restart the NBA season or not. Further noted by journalist Woj, the NBA’s keeping the classic Playoffs formula will affect the starting point of the 2020-21 season.

Specifically, Game 7 of NBA Finals is expected to play on October 12. While every year, mid-October is the time to start the new season. However, this is something that NBA is willing to accept because it will be difficult to find a solution to please all. Expected results will be announced in a few days.