North America is known for many sports; both in terms of excelling at playing and participating in sports, as well as regarding loyal fans and spectatorship. Based on TV ratings, here are some of the most-watched, followed and loved sports in North America.

American Football

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular in terms of North American football leagues and also has the most notoriety. There are 32 established teams in the NFL, broken down into conferences of 16 teams. In America, football is the most attended and most-watched sport. Interestingly, American and Canadian football have different rules and regulations and are almost like watching different games altogether.


North Americans tend to enjoy watching and following the Major League Baseball (MLB), which is the largest organized baseball league, home of 30 different teams On a more international scale, baseball brings in the most revenue of any sport on an annual basis.


The most well known North American league is the National Basketball Association (NBA). This is where you will find, on average, about 14000 North Americans watching each game. There are other fan favourites in terms of watching basketball, with many North Americans loyally and excitedly following college basketball.


Most popular in Canada and the Northern United States, the National Hockey League (NHL) is a very loved sports league. The NHL dates back as far as 1917, with the sport itself dating as far back as the 1800s. Europe is known to enjoy hockey as well, and many North American players head to Europe if they take a break, or are not drafted or picked in the NHL.


Though most popular and based in Europe, many North Americans really enjoy and loyally follow Major League Soccer (MLS) and European soccer, known in many countries as football. This sport originated in Europe but didn’t take long to gain popularity in North America.