The history of hockey sport in the world (Part 1)

Hockey is a unique and relatively new sport for the Russian Federation, officially recognized only in the 20th century. However, the history of this phenomenon dates back to the late nineteenth century.

In just a few decades, hockey in Russia has become very popular and now there are a large number of tournaments, many competitions are held and hockey championships are thrilling on-screen fans for a long time. So where does the history of domestic hockey begin, and what stage before the formation of the latter sport as a fully separate sport in the Russian Federation?

Hockey in the world began to appear in the second half of the 1970s and in the opinion of some experts, originally from Canada, however, this sport came to Russia late. slightly. Initially, the predecessors of hockey we know are a very similar battle, but with the ball and on the pitch.

They called the game “Russian hockey“, although it later spread to several European countries. Therefore, many consider hockey time to inland on March 12, 1899, when the first international hockey match in the Russian Empire took place on Malaya Neva’s ice near the Tuchkov Bridge in St. Petersburg. After that, a team from England and SPORT in the country fought against each other. The opponent played a tie, ending the confrontation with a score of 4: 4.

However, the official birth of hockey as a sport recognized directly on Russian territory (back then in the Soviet Union) was considered December 22, 1946. It was on this day, matches of the first Soviet ice hockey championships were held at venues in Moscow, Riga, Arkhangelsk and several other cities. It is worth noting that attempts to introduce hockey in Russia have been made since 1911, but the motivation is the arrival of a team from Germany to Moscow in 1932, who brought the coins that are still far strange to domestic athletes, as well as clubs, is an indispensable attribute of the game.








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