The reason American sports is still a world power (Part 1)

When it comes to sports we cannot help but mention the names of the great powers like the United States, China, Germany, Norway and Japan.

Among these, the US has always been a prominent country with impressive achievements:

  • US athletes have won a total of 2,522 medals (including 1,022 gold medals) at the Summer Olympics and 305 at the Winter Olympics;
  • The United States owns more golds and medals than any nation in the Summer Olympics; ranked second in the number of gold medals and the total number of medals at the Winter Olympics, second only to Norway;
  • The United States also topped the medals table for 17 Summer Olympics and 1 Winter Olympics.

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Previously the US main opponent at the Olympics was the Soviet Union, after the Soviet Union disintegrated, the current US opponent at the Summer Olympics was China and at the Winter Olympics was Norway. The strength of American sports is Athletics and Swimming, these are also the two main subjects of the Olympics.

However, the organizational structure and operation of American sports is not the same as in other countries when sport is not governed by the government, there is no specialized sports ministry, the athletes in the United States do not accept any any grant money from the federal or state government. While in other countries, there is always a state agency specialized in sports, for example, the UK has the Ministry of Digital – Culture – Media and Sports (DCMS); Japan has the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT); China has the General Administration of Sports; Vietnam has a Ministry of Culture – Sports – Tourism.

So how do athletes in the United States pay for training and competition? This article will briefly outline the main points of American sport.


American sports system

Unlike traditional countries like China, in these countries, the government set aside a portion of the funding to select athletes and train them to serve the purpose of professional competition.

In the United States, it is completely different, when we mention sport, we not only refer to the top athletes, compete professionally in national, continental and international tournaments, but also to mention the power the number of reserve athletes, amateur athletes with huge numbers from all over the United States. Amateur sport plays an important role to find complementary resources for professional sport, between these two concepts there exists a close relationship and support for each other. So, when we learn about American sports, we will divide it into two concepts: Professional Sports and Amateur Sports.


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