The reason American sports is still a world power (Part 2)

A professional rugby match in the USA. Rugby is a sport not included in the Olympic competition program but is extremely popular sport in the US and provides a huge source of income for athletes.

The US government does not have an affiliated body to regulate sports, but instead is the National Olympics Committee (USOC). This is a non-profit civil society overseen by the International Olympic Committee, USOC is legally recognized through the Amateur Sports Act and Olympics, whereby the USOC is recognized as a representative organization of the United States. in activities related to the Olympics as well as the governing body with member sports federations.

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Because the USOC does not receive any grants from the government, its main budget comes from the contribution of society, of which the main sources of revenue are royalties, grants and donations. From this general budget, the USOC, after subtracting the necessary operating expenses, will base on the achievements of the departments to redistribute to the member federations, the more high-performing departments naturally. allocated more and more budget. This explains why the two athletic federations and swimming federations account for the majority of USOC’s budget as these are two strong sports subjects of the US.

Of course, the federation of members also has the same rights when they exploit the royalties of the sport they run, as well as calling for sponsorship from brands and donations from supporters. For high-performing professional athletes, they can also have sponsorship contracts or participate in direct advertising for businesses. With self-mobilized financial resources, the federation organizes national tournaments for professional athletes as well as sponsors them to participate in international tournaments.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho football

For subjects that are not included in the Olympics, the Federation of these sports exists independently and is not under the management of USOC, among which there are 2 world-famous federations: Ball Federation Rugby with NFL National Rugby League, Baseball League with MLB American Professional Baseball League. However, the organization and operation of these federations are not so different from other federations when their financial resources come from the source of socialization.


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