The reason American sports is still a world power (Part 3)

Nominally, sports unions also manage non-professional sports, but their role is quite limited to athletes.

American sports are actually non-professional sports. The characteristic of amateur sport is that athletes participate in sports according to their interests, they do not have enough income to cover their own training and competition activities, not to mention the majority of amateur players still in student age, therefore, cannot exercise full time. So where do the non-professional athletes continue to pursue their passion?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The reason American sports is still a world power

To solve financial problems, athletes currently attending colleges and universities can seek funding from the following sources:

– Sports scholarships for athletes with outstanding achievements: if the athletes are outstanding, they can search for scholarships of this type of college, universities, especially for 2 universal sports The variables are baseball and rugby. However, this level of competition is extremely difficult and not an ordinary competitor can achieve.

– Federal grant: this allowance is not for sports but is a general allowance, but athletes can still find money from here to fund their own training expenses.

– College and university grants: similar to federal grants, this award is for students who have excellent academic or extracurricular performance, athletes can contact the university I studied to find out about eligibility conditions to earn more income.

– Funding from organizations and businesses: not as strict as sports scholarships of colleges and universities, this funding is diverse, coming from many sources, from sports organizations to businesses. Related businesses provide a great opportunity for amateur athletes in their pursuit of passion.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho The reason American sports is still a world power

With these sponsorships, an amateur can sponsor their own training and competition. Thanks to the rich and diverse funding, the school sports system in the US is extremely developed, providing a large number of young athletes for clubs, they participate in amateur tournaments across the United States organized by sports associations or federations.

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