The rules of basketball betting players should know (Part 1)

Basketball betting is popular in many places like in the US, European countries. Today, this betting industry has appeared widely on reputable betting sites. Variety of odds and watch live basketball matches to follow. The main bookmakers or have basketball bets like 188Bet, M88, CMD368, Fun88, etc.

Want to play and win betting on basketball in the USA. Players need to understand basketball betting rules carefully and have the knowledge to play betting correctly. When you grasp those concepts, you will definitely have a better chance of winning.

Information on how to play basketball betting

Are you a basketball enthusiast, you want to play basketball betting? That’s too convenient then, because this is the subject is equally loved football! Observing the game and the surrounding factors helps to predict a reasonable basketball odds. The betting experience at 88betpro will help you better understand basketball betting rules and how to play basketball betting easily.

Basketball betting

In a basketball match there will be 2 teams competing against each other. The home team has the right to select the basket and the bench about 2 minutes before the start of the match. There must be 5 players on the field. Each match takes 40 minutes and is divided into 4 rounds. Each round has a prescribed time of 10 minutes. If 4 teams go through 4 rounds, there will be 5 minutes extra time to determine the winner.

Note that in the 3rd half, the two teams will exchange baskets. And 2 teams have the right to start the opponent’s pitch before the first and third periods.

Basketball betting rules

– Bet on a basketball match on a specific day that is canceled; The bets will be void and the stakes returned.

– Types of basketball full-time bets such as live betting based on the final result of the match.

– The result in the first half is the total result of the 1st and 2nd rounds. And the result of the 2nd half is the total result of the 3rd and 4th rounds.

– Result of the 4th game does not include any extra time.

– The score is not updated by the dealer when betting live basketball. Basketball handicap odds will be displayed live at the beginning of the match.

– The first team to score will receive a bet. When a match is suspended or abandoned after a score has been scored then bets are still valid.











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