The rules of basketball betting players should know (Part 2)

– The team that scores the last point will be settled the bets. If a match is suspended or abandoned then bets will be void.

– Special bets include the number of points, the number of times the ball has been played in the table, the number of assists, the number of free throws, the number of free throws, and the number of free throws, which is valid when the player participates in the match. If the player does not take part in the match, bets will be void.

– The home ground, away team in NCAA matches is for reference only.

– Virtual basketball bets based on pairs of matches from different matches.

Types of bets on basketball betting

– Set bet with the most points

Predict the set of 1, 2, 3, 4 with the most points. If the prediction is correct you will win the bet, but if the set you bet on is a tie and is refunded.

– Bet on the team to score the first point.

– Bet on the team to score the last point.

Bet on a player who has a throw, pass, jerk, blocked ball, scored 3 points and scored the total

– Odd/Even bets

Predict whether the total points of the two teams after the end of the match will be an odd or even number.

– Over/under bets

Each house will give a specific number for this bet type. Based on the basketball betting rules, the player will bet whether the two teams’ final scores are higher or lower than the house number offered. This corresponds to the top, bottom and tie markets.

– First half, 2nd half bets: according to the house rules, 1st half bets are based on the results of set 1 and set 2; 2nd half bets are based on the result of set 3 and set 4. If the match is halted or abandoned then the 1st and 2nd half bets are considered void.

– Handicap parlay is similar to the calculation of football skewers.

– Play mixed parlay bets.

– Live betting (vibrating trusses)

With this bet there are 3 options including direct handicap, direct top and bottom parity. Live betting is divided into first half live bets and 2nd half direct bets.

Above are many types of extremely attractive basketball betting that you know yet? Each bet type has its own way of playing and is not the same. Learn carefully the rules of basketball betting and practice playing offline! Good luck to you playing at our 188Bet house.








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