North America is well known for a variety of popular sports, many of which are done on an international scale and followed by fans all over the world. There are, however, several unique and lesser-known sports which many people may find hard to believe that they are regulated and that they actually have leagues. Here are a few of the most exclusive sports in North America.

Beer Pong

This game is well known for those who attend college parties or who may know it best as a drinking game at house parties. Many people do not know, however, that this game is actually a regulated and a national sport.


Darts is practised and played by professionals across North America, especially in the United States. The sport is televised, which demonstrates how popular it is and how large of a following it has.


Eating is indeed a sport; from hot dogs to pie, there are eating competitions which span well beyond just local and small-town fairs and include local, regional and national competitions. The athletes and participants of these competitions train and work extremely hard to prepare for these contests, they are no joke.

Lumberjack Competitions

Yes, this is also a thing. Professional lumberjacks travel from far and wide to compete in various activities from cutting wood to axe throwing and everything in between. There are hundreds of participants at these events, and some are even televised.

Dog Surfing and Jumping

Dog sports are another area where North America focuses a lot of time, energy and money. From dog surfing to dog jumping to more well-known sports such as flyball, people take canine sports seriously, sometimes more seriously than they take human sports.


People may remember dodgeball as a game which was played in gym class, but it is, in fact, a regulated sport taken very serious in leagues across North America and beyond.