Welcome to our site and hope you enjoy reading our articles. The aim of this site is to inform about sports betting in the USA. betting can be a fun and sometimes profitable pastime, though gambling laws in America are not always straight forward.

What you can expect

Our topics start with an introduction to sports betting, giving a brief history of its legality in America. We cover individual state laws on sports betting, giving you all the information you need. Plus, we have an article all about online sports betting.

You’ll love our article on budgeting. It’s packed full of handy tips to help you save for your sports betting sessions. You’ll discover how to keep track of spending so you don’t get into debt, as well as tips on investing your winnings!

Betting apps

Betting apps have become very popular in recent times, and we have a topic covering that as well. If you don’t know what betting apps are, we have you covered! You’ll discover which are the best for both android and IOS, with pros and cons for each.

Most popular sports played in America

You’ll love reading our topics covering some of the most popular sports played in America. These include American baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. These fun, entertaining articles take a look at the rise in popularity of each sport in turn.

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